Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla) swearing loyalty to the United States Constitution (1/19/21)

  • They’ve tried to cancel this young man repeatedly and failed.
  • Even so, he won election with 74% of the vote in 2020, and received more votes than any other candidate for the Alaska State House in a contested race.
  • Immediately after the election, and before he had even been sworn into office, they began a public campaign to expel him from the legislature. They failed.
  • This summer, they lodged two dozen formal complaints to try to keep him from running for re-election. Again they failed.
  • Two candidates ran against him in the August primary, and again in November. Even so, he prevailed and received more votes than all of his opponents combined.
  • Now, in a last ditch effort, they are suing him personally and asking the courts to remove him from office and overturn his election to the Alaska House of Representatives.
  • Help us defeat these attacks by sending an immediate donation to enable Rep. David Eastman to defend the results of his election in court. He won at the ballot box. Now they are requiring him to personally defend the voter’s ballot box in court.
  • There are no state attorneys helping defend the results of this election. It is just David and his constituents trying to defend their right to elect a legislator that they chose rather than having a legislator whom they didn’t choose crammed down their throats by a judge in a different part of the state.
  • Visit the Pleadings Page to view court documents for this case.

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In high school, David was State Eagle Scout of the Year.

At West Point, he was a member of the Cadet Honor Committee.

He has served as a military police office, firefighter, and EMT.

He is also the only returning member of the Alaska Legislature with a 100% lifetime conservative voting record.

Why is David being sued?

David is very public in his commitment to the United States Constitution, and reaffirmed his oath to the Constitution as an Oath Keeper in 2010.

On January 6th, he traveled to D.C. and attended the speech given by President Trump.

For attending a speech by a “cancelled” president, they have tried repeatedly to cancel David too. But he refuses to back down. Today, he continues to stand in the gap for all of us.

If the Left can deprive us of elected representatives like Rep. David Eastman simply by filing personal lawsuits when election time rolls around, you can bet they will be using this tactic to take down elected officials not just in Alaska, but in every state.

Help us put an immediate end to these abuses of our legal system. According to the Constitution, voters alone have the right to choose their elected representatives—that right can never be taken away and handed to a judge in a different part of the state.

They have spared no expense on this lawsuit, even going so far as to fly an attorney up from California, one of three attorneys they have assigned to go after David. They have brought in “experts” from California and D.C. to claim that David is a “disloyal American” and therefore unworthy of holding public office.

They are hoping to win by making this lawsuit so expensive that David and his constituents cannot afford to pursue it to completion.

Please give as generously as you can. David needs our support immediately to defend his election against this outrageous attack on the integrity of our election process!

The expense of this trial is expected to cost $300,000. Every dollar you can give will be a message of encouragement to David, and will allow him to continue to defend this election, and with it the right of voters to choose their own elected representatives. He is standing in the gap today and taking heavy blows. Please help us defend David!

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