Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla) swearing loyalty to the United States Constitution (1/19/21)

  • They’ve tried to cancel this young man repeatedly. They failed.
  • Despite maligning him in national and international media, he won election with 74% of the vote in 2020, and received more votes than any other candidate for the Alaska State House in a contested race.
  • Immediately after the election, and before he had even been sworn into office, they began a public campaign to expel him from the legislature. They failed.
  • Last summer, they lodged two dozen formal complaints to try to prohibit him from running for re-election. Again they failed.
  • Two candidates ran against him in the August primary, and again in November. Even so, he prevailed and received more votes than all of his opponents combined.
  • Now, in a last ditch effort to bankrupt him, they sued him personally, asking the courts to remove him from office and overturn his election not because of anything he had done but simply because of guilt by association.
  • Help us defeat these attacks by sending an immediate donation to Rep. David Eastman’s Legal Defense Fund. He won at the ballot box. Now they are requiring he and his family to personally carry the weight of standing up to these Leftist attacks from all across the country.
  • We have posted the many court filings and legal documents from this case so that the public can see exactly what took place. You can download or view each of the documents by visiting our Court Pleadings Page.
  • We have posted every second of the trial so that the public can watch the unedited trial for themselves. You can watch the trial by visiting our Trial Page.
  • David and his family could have folded and stepped away from the public square at any time during these attacks. He did not do so because of what that would have meant for the many Americans who would immediately be put in the crosshairs if David were to no longer be standing in this gap today.
  • Defending the freedom of association and the right of Americans to have their votes count has come at a tremendous cost to the Eastman family, who cannot afford to bear the weight of these national attacks on their own. Please come alongside the Eastmans and lend them your support.

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In high school, David was State Eagle Scout of the Year.

At West Point, he was a member of the Cadet Honor Committee.

He has served as a military police office, firefighter, EMT, and a member of the National Ski Patrol.

He is also the only member of the Alaska Legislature to earn a 100% conservative voting record after multiple terms in office. In his four terms serving in the Alaska House of Representatives he has never once missed voting on a bill.

Why is David being targeted?

David is very public in his commitment to the United States Constitution, and reaffirmed his oath to the Constitution as an Oath Keeper in 2010.

On January 6th, he traveled to D.C. and attended the speech given by President Trump.

For attending a speech by a “cancelled” president, they have repeatedly tried to cancel David too. But he continues to stand in the gap for all of us.

If the Left can deprive us of elected representatives like Rep. David Eastman simply by filing personal lawsuits, you can bet they will be using this tactic to take down elected officials not just in Alaska, but in every state.

Help us put an immediate end to these abuses of our legal system. According to the Constitution, voters alone have the right to choose their elected representatives—that right can never be taken away and handed to a judge in a different jurisdiction.

They spared no expense on this lawsuit, even going so far as to fly an attorney up from California, one of three attorneys they assigned to go after David. They brought in “experts” from California and D.C. to claim that David is a “disloyal American” and therefore unworthy of holding public office.

They are hoping to win by making this lawsuit so expensive that David and his family can no longer afford to serve in public office.

Even though he prevailed at the trial, the trial cost David more than $250,000. To add insult to injury, they have now declared that because David is a legislator donations to his legal defense fund cannot exceed $249.99 per individual, per year. Every dollar you can give will be a message of encouragement to David and his family, who are standing in the gap today on our behalf.

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