Rep. David Eastman (R-Wasilla) swearing loyalty to the United States Constitution (1/19/21)

  • They tried to cancel this young man and failed.
  • They voted to publicly censure him for leaking information he had never been given.
  • Five state legislators went door-to-door telling voters not to vote for him. Even after all that, he won election with 74% of the vote, and received more votes than any other candidate for the Alaska State House in a contested race.
  • Immediately after the election, and before he was even sworn into office, they began a public campaign to expel him from the legislature. They failed.
  • This summer, they filed two dozen formal challenges to prevent him from running for re-election. Again they failed.
  • Now, in a last ditch effort, they are suing him and asking the courts to remove him from office and take his name off the ballot in November.
  • Their aim by filing this lawsuit in the middle of an election campaign is to torpedo his election by forcing him to spend time and money fighting them in court instead of campaigning for office.
  • Help us make their efforts backfire by sending an immediate donation to fully replace the funds David is now having to spend defending himself legally against these baseless attacks.

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In high school, David was State Eagle Scout of the Year.

At West Point, he was a member of the Cadet Honor Committee.

He has served as a firefighter, EMT, and as a provost marshal (military chief of police) in the United States Army.

He is the only returning member of the Alaska Legislature with a 100% lifetime conservative voting record.

What is his crime?

David is very public in his commitment to the United States Constitution, and reaffirmed his oath to the Constitution as an Oath Keeper in 2009.

On January 6th, he traveled to D.C. and attended the speech given by President Trump.

For attending a speech by a “cancelled” president, they have tried repeatedly to cancel David too. But he refuses to back down. And he continues to stand on the front lines, standing in the gap for all of us.

If the Left learns that they can deprive us of elected representatives like Rep. David Eastman by simply filing personal lawsuits when election time rolls around, you can bet they will be using this tactic to take down elected officials not just in Alaska, but in every state.

If they learn that they can use left-wing law firms to drain the financial resources of conservative candidates, you can bet that they will try this tactic again, and again, and again.

The way to put a stop to these tactics once and for all is to let them know that we will not tolerate these kinds of baseless political attacks from left-wing law firms in the middle of an election.

They mean to prevent David from campaigning, to drain his personal finances, and to deprive him of the ability to successfully campaign for re-election.

Help us put a stop to this immediately and show that when they do this to candidates like David, the candidates they attack will end up with MORE resources to fight back on our behalf, not less.

Please give as generously as you can.

Every dollar given will be a message of encouragement to David and a message of discouragement to those who are currently trying to use the courts to attack the political candidates the Left is most afraid of.