We Stand With Alaskans in the Mat-Su Valley!

The right to vote is not a privilege that government bestows, but an individual right which must never be surrendered to the judiciary under any circumstances.

Consent does not flow from the government to the people, but from the people to their servants in government.

Lawsuits against political candidates for the purpose of influencing an election campaign represent an abuse of the courts and of the election process.

By seeking to overturn the outcome of the November 2020, and August 2022 and November 2022 elections, the Kowalke v. Eastman lawsuit is a direct attack on the right of the people to elect their own representatives, a right which is guaranteed to them under the United States and Alaska Constitutions.

Voters in the Mat-Su Valley should be the ones deciding who will represent them in the Alaska House of Representatives. They should not be limited to only being able to choose legislators who are first deemed “acceptable” by judges and activists in Anchorage and elsewhere.

The decision of whether to reelect Representative Eastman must remain with the people of Wasilla and Meadow Lakes. Under no circumstances can such a weighty decision be taken away from voters and given to a judge.

It is the right of voters in Alaska to choose whomsoever they will choose to represent them, and for their elected legislators who swear loyalty to the United States Constitution to be treated with respect and on an equal footing with the legislators chosen in every other part of the state.


Petition to Alaska Attorney General Treg Taylor:

I stand with Alaskan voters in the Mat-Su Valley and support their right to elect their own representatives without interference from lawsuits that would take such decisions away from voters and put them in the hands of a judge in Anchorage.

Help us Defend One of the Good Guys